Hedona - Fall of the Magister Lords

Escape from the Dungeons!

Our heroes get off to a rocky start, but make new friends!

The days events started, with the heroes awakening in cells. As they looked around all they could feel was the thump of minor concussions in the back of their heads, and the sound of a man groaning in what seemed like agony. Immediately Dalthor called across the corridor to his young son, trapped in the cell opposite. Only to have his called returned by the clanging of steel on steel and a bark of “Shut up!” from their guard.

Inspecting the cells and room provided little information, only that the bars were cast iron and despite Jak attempting to break them, that there was seemingly no way out. A prisoner in a cell across from Kettmennar, badly wounded and wretching horribly, drops a scroll of parchment, which rolls over toward his cell. Kettmennar examines the scroll: “Be ready tonight after the guards change shift”, signed by the Sanguine Fraternis.

Times passes…

That night a cloaked man appears and releases the party from their cells. During the escape from the dungeon, however, their saviour triggers a trap and ends up speared to the wall… Dalthor and Dorfin waste no time in looting his still-warm corpse for his chainmail and boots. On his body was another roll of parchment – “Be sure to save Cassandra, she is my one and only daughter. A mob will be out front to distract the guards”.

The party begin exploring the rest of the building. They stumble across the guards’ quarters, which is fortunately empty. While the rest of the group busy themselves with looting the chests of the guards, Dalthor goes to search another set of cells. He finds a small halfling girl who he assumes to be Cassandra and breaks her out. Checking the last group of cells they only find piles of dead bodies – it appears to be a storage centre for torture victims.

The party continue on and discover another room. Mikal stealthily peeks inside – seven guards are torturing people inside. The group decide they can’t yet tackle these guards, but will come back later once they are armed to rescue the poor people here.



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