Hedona - Fall of the Magister Lords

Journey into the Sewers

After resting for the night, the party are lead by one of Tiny Tony’s men to the entrance to the sewers – a pitch-black tunnel which stinks. Mikal and Dorfin wretch at the stench as the party enters (failed endurance check; take -1 penalty to attack rolls for the remainder of the dungeon).

After walking down the tunnel for a bit, the party come across a large hole in their path, where sewer pipes flow into. Kettmennar peers down, and spots a light at the bottom. He determines it to be stationary torchlight, and Jak determines that the distance to the bottom is about 50 feet. Dorfin is lowered down the hole with a rope that Tiny Tony’s man provided by Jak. Dorfin cuts the rope, and falls clumsily into the sewage. Kettmennar is lowered down next, without difficulty. While attempting to lower Jak, Mikal and Dalthor lose their grip on the rope, and the minotaur plummits down into the shallow waters below. He twists his ankle in the fall (-1 to speed). Mikal lowers Dalthor down successfully, and then attempts to climb down the pipe. He makes it about half way down before falling and also twists his ankle at the bottom (-1 to speed). Mikal searches the sewage and finds 120gp.

Jak attempts to bullrush the door and fails miserably. Dorfin stupidly pulls a lever and the waters form a whirlpool and all the debris starts vanishing into the centre of the room. Kettmennar is caught up in the whirlpool, and despite a rope being thrown by Mikal and his own attempt to swim away he is sucked in and disappears.

Kettmennar is bruised a bit by the debris falling down with him, but otherwise finds himself to be fine in another room. He grabs the edge of a walkway and pulls himself out of the water. He calls up to the rest of the group to let them know he is ok, and Dalthor jumps through the hole and makes a huge splash. Kettmennar fails to grab Dalthor and pull him to the walkway, and instead ends up in the water with him. Dorfin follows suit. Jak and Mikal come down and manage to get onto the walkway, but Jak jumps into the water in an attempt to save his companions. After much fumbling in the water, the party manages to all get back on shore and avoid the spinning wheel of death.

Jak bullrushes down the door in the room. Through the door are a set of stairs, and the party ascends and opens the door at the top. They hear a loud screech and are rushed by rats…

find dynamite + building supplies
return to earlier room, use lever to re-close the grating, block with build materials
conquer spinning wheel of death with a plank and move past (carefully with torches)
Jak falls
plank fiasco, goodbye Dalthor
ride the life
fight some Felltaints (Dorfin goes down, nearly eaten)
stumble into Kenkus



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