The Kazzars are a nation of Dwarves and Gnomes who seek little more than wealth. Expansion and war is not something they worry about as they are cut off from the other civilisations. Their home is the icy mountains and though they do not live on them, they do live in them. They need not war monger as when expansion is require they simply dig deeper into the earth.

All trade they conduct is through their immense network of tunnels through the mountains and out toward Hedona. No army would be foolish enough to attempt to traverse the tunnels without a Kazzar Guide. And no guide would lead an army to invade his homeland, they are paid far too much to have any desire to reveal their secrets. After the atrocities seen in the previous Hedonan conquests most dwarves would rather die than tell lead any Hedonan to his homeland.

Through gnomish ingenuity and dwarven strength the nation prospers. The gnomes handle the monetary side of the Kazzar nation while the dwarves locate large deposits of minerals and metals in the earth. Such is the wealth of the deposits that they hold an almost exclusive monopoly over their trade and, in no small part to the seclusion and safety of their nation, are able to charge what they wish for their goods.

The earth hides many secrets and the dwarves escort every dig team with a demolition team, should they dig into a cave containing things which should not be disturbed the diggers retreat and the demolition team destroys the tunnel.


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