Hedona - Fall of the Magister Lords

Introduction to Hedona

Hedona is an empire where magic is used liberally by those in power, and not at all by those without power. It is controlled by the Magister Lords in all varieties, be it in the form of magical substances and essences, rituals, spellbooks, or in the form of magical artifacts. The Empire began as a Human nation, but quickly swallowed up it’s neighbouring Elven nation, and many smaller nations nearby. The conquests were brutal and the use of powerful magic made the battles utter slaughter of the opponent nation’s armies. In the end the remaining small nations, Dragonborn, Half-Elf, Halfling & Tiefling simply submitted to Hedonan rule until the Empire stopped expanding. The outcome was that Hedona is made up of 13 nations, and each one is overseen by a Magister Lord.

However, Hedona is not the only civilised nation remaining. There is also the kingdom of the Kazzars. A small Dwarven & Gnomish kingdom that seeks little from the people of other nations. They are excellent traders and find wealth in their generations old knowledge of the earth. Through careful judgement and a little luck they often find large deposits of metals and valuable minerals. With somewhat dubious economic morality they have what can only be described as a near monolopy on metals and rare minerals and as such are an exceedingly wealthy, if small, nation.

The remaining well known peoples, such as the Elves, Goliaths and Half-Orcs live a fairly tribal lifestyle. They are seen but much less often than the other races. Half-Orcs are exiled as little more than a “bastard race” while the Elves and Goliaths choose their lifestyle of their own free-will.



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